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Keys to Creating your Own Warmup

With 3-5 movements in ~10 minutes

2 that involve the muscles you are focusing on for your workout (ie: Workout=Squats, 2 Movements would be Glute Bridges and Lunges)

1 that gets your heart rate and respiratory rate up (ie: jogging, rowing, walking up and down the stairs in your house...)

1 that focuses on your core muscles (ie: Hollow Hold, Hanging Knee Tucks, Bird Dogs...)

1 that replicates the movement you are doing with minimal load (Workout=Bench Press, 1 good movement would be the Pushup)

Once you've chosen your 5 movements do them back to back in a series of 3 rounds at a moderate intensity.

Now you have a warmup that will get your muscles primed, your nervous system prepped, and your mind ready for whatever it is you're doing.

*Some movements cover more than 1 of these key markers, and if you're really good you can work your way down to 3 movements that cover all of them.

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