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Welcome Everyone to JR Personal Training!

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

I am excited to connect with each of you on your paths to creating a better quality of life through resistance training and pain management. Creating this site has given me a medium in which to connect new and current clients with each other. I am passionate about sharing knowledge so we can empower one another with the necessary tools to feel confident on our fitness journey while supporting and inspiring others.

I hope that this site gives you a little background about me and why I chose to pursue this niche. Check out my "Meet Joel Regis" page. I promise it is a short sum up (the margins make it look long ;)) of why all of you are inspiring me on a daily basis, and why I feel passionate about creating a program that will make your body feel better not beaten down. There is always a fine line to make progression in our fitness routines, that is also beneficial to our body. Perfecting imbalances not creating them is the name of the game.

A new thing I will be dabbling with is an education and exercises section. This will allow me to file share video demonstration, online programming for when you are out of town, and articles that I feel may help you regarding nutrition, training, injury prevention etc. I will also be trying my best to keep a blog to connect with all of you, provide some insight of the struggles and victories that I go through as a professional fitness trainer, as well as some things that I feel are important to ask ourselves questions about...I promise not to get too preachy!

Finally, I will be offering online booking and payments so that if you want to have something booked when you get back into town or want to book a steady routine for weeks out it is available at your finger tips. I am excited to provide an individualized experience for each one of you, as well as making sure you are aware of the community that has your back everyday!

Thank you all for your continued support and the pleasure to work with each one of you.

Joel Regis

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Katie Davis
Katie Davis
Nov 03, 2019

Congratulations on the launch of your website JR Personal Training! Very excited to connect with everyone:)

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